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I will be forever grateful for the journey we have been on to this point and look forward to exploring where the Reiki takes us moving forward. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart Em!! You are a very gifted person.

Let me just start off by saying this. You have so much Courage, Potential and Soul. Even by being here you have made a shift in your life, you have decided to put yourself first, honour your path and really step into your truth.

It is no coincidence that you have been brought here, that your intuition has lead you to a place that can offer you the chance to Live Your Dreams.

I am here to guide you in your discovery of the Self. Find those blocks that are holding you back and help you find your purpose and support you in Empowering you to shine your light into the world.

We will bust through any fears together, as I hold the space for you to navigate new waters. Through this process you will find the confidence and strength to step into your own unique power and expand those gifts that are innate within you.

I BELIEVE that you have the ability to achieve and transform your life. Let's start here!

This is how we can work together

Intuitive Energy Work

Transforming blocks & rewiring limiting beliefs with in person & distant healing sessions.

Meditation workshops

Learn all the tools and techniques to support your well-being.

Learn Reiki

Become an Energy Worker!

Level 1&2 training in a safe & beautiful space.

Hi, I'm Emily

Intuitive Energy Guide

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with understanding how our minds work, how the brain interacts and how we choose to connect with each other. I love listening to peoples stories, learning, and understanding what makes us human.


I first started my journey into healing and supporting others when I completed my Diploma in Counselling in 2011. I found building an environment where people felt safe to be themselves, accepted and not judged, was invaluable.


Now a 2 time Reiki Master Teacher, I am so grateful to have been trained by incredible and well respected teachers in the field of energy work. I am also lucky to have built a community of other professionals, from Reiki practitioners to Psychotherapists, EFT therapists, Mindfulness experts and many more who I have attended workshops for, shared practice and learned a huge amount from.

What I now know to be true is that we can change our brain, we have the ability to re-wire our connections and make a better, more peaceful life for ourselves.


How we connect to our true selves and others is important to me, as my goal is to reach as many people as possible to create a calm and compassionate life. 

What is it that you actually want?

Does it include leading from a place of

love in your life?

If so, ask yourself, what's stopping you. Most of the time you'll find that the answer is...nothing.

wholehearted minds

Fleet, Hampshire

Mob:07387 076453


let's get connected!

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