Thank you,

I have met some incredibly brave and inspiring people who I am honoured to have worked, and continue to work with.

Some of them have shared their experiences below to get the message out, that Reiki really does work. There is an alternative and a calmer way to live, the results are out there to see.

Just jump in and try!

Feel Inspired!

I have been having Reiki with Emily for a year or so and the difference that not only the practice itself has made but her kindness and absolute understanding cannot be put into words. Her approach and professionalism is of the highest standard, she has created a beautiful space within her own home and makes you feel welcome and comfortable at all times. Her want to grow as a practitioner is incredibly obvious and encouraging, her want to help is even more so. If you have never tried Reki before, are perhaps sceptical or are simply looking for a new practitioner, this is who you need in your life.


Em has a wonderful approach starting our sessions with a chat to contextualise anything that might come up (therapy in itself?!) and then we move onto a very restorative hour helping me navigate life - it has awakened a new awareness and connection to myself and others that influences how I now approach my family, friends, life problems and my kids. I will be forever grateful for the journey we have been on to this point and look forward to exploring where the Reiki takes us moving forward. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart Em!! You are a very gifted person.


I had been suffering with Chronic Stress for a while so I was interested in trying out some Reiki sessions to help ease my symptoms. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but Emily immediately put me at ease and talked through it with me thoroughly before the first session. After a few sessions I really started to notice a difference in my energy every day...I can wholeheartedly say that the Reiki has helped to ease my stress levels and has in turn made me so much happier and life is now so much more enjoyable/slightly less chaotic. Emily is absolutely lovely too! Highly recommended :) 


You are an amazing compassionate person and I really value your therapy. The last few years have been extremely stressful and you have provided a sanctuary for me. Thank you xx


I have been seeing Emily for almost a year now and find the sessions incredibly beneficial to my overall wellbeing. The treatment room is a wonderfully calm space, I always come away feeling very relaxed. Emily is a very grounded and professional practitioner and I would thoroughly recommend her.


All of a sudden thanks to you, all the blocks were stopped and I realised how simple it all was. You are an amazing ‘puzzle pieces putter together’er’. Seeing a whole picture, the blocks, breaking it into small steps. So powerful. 


I was going through a tough time physically and mentally when I called Emily for a Reiki Session. She squeezed me in and made me feel so special. The session was magical-- exactly what I needed. I hadn't slept well for days due to pain, but I slept for 13 hours straight after our session. The next day, I felt so much better and I started to see significant improvements. She also gave me a lot of intuitive messages that made me see that my physical pain was actually related to my emotions and some steps to take. It was such a blessing! Thank you Emily!


You gotta feel it to heal it!

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