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Thank you,

I have met some incredibly brave and inspiring people who I am honoured to have worked, and continue to work with.

Some of them have shared their experiences below to get the message out, that Reiki really does work. There is an alternative and a calmer way to live, the results are out there to see. Just jump in and try!

'I choose to see love instead of fear' -Gabby Bernstein

Feel Inspired!

I'd received one Reiki treatment when I was pregnant with my second child and it gave me the relaxation (and energy boost) my mind and body was calling out for, so when I knew that Emily had started practicing in the wonderful world of Reiki I just had to have another session. 


I came to Emily with some deep-rooted issues to do with my past and how this was affecting me in my present. I regularly experienced anxiety, confidence loss and ultimately was experiencing so much doubt in myself and my abilities at work and at home as a wife, Mother and friend. I struggled to voice my opinions, believe in myself and was losing a lot of direction with who i wanted to be...so a lot to work with!


I immediately knew after the first session with Emily that this was exactly what I needed. It gave me the time, headspace and healing that I'd been looking for, for such a long time. I wouldn't say that I was miraculously cured in an instant, but to have that time to feel and see who I needed to be and what I needed to do and then chat it all through with Emily following the session was so eye-opening for me. To be able to deconstruct all the feelings together was a huge confidence boost too. 


The sessions led me to make and see small changes in how I reacted to certain situations that I may have shied away from in the past - that was just remarkable for me. 


I have since had more Reiki treatments and Emily has been there every step of the way to talk about how I feel. Emily certainly practices what she preaches and leaves the decision up to you as to whether you'd like to talk about your session, or not. She is a wonderful healer, is down to earth and so knowledgeable about her profession. 


If you're wondering what on earth Reiki is and how it would apply to you then I assure you, after one conversation with Emily you'll be a regular visitor. I have reduced my sessions to around 1 per month (I'd like to go more if I could), and see this as a general dose of well-being and time to 'check-in' with yourself. I think we all need some of that.


I would definitely recommend!


At a chance meeting at a local play group with the lovely Em, I was drawn to her for her smiley, calm, and approachable demeanour. During coffee she mentioned she was a counsellor who was also trained in Reiki and was planning on setting up her own practice. I didn’t really know what Reiki was or what it could do but was open to the idea that it was at the very least an hour of relaxation (rare with two young kids!?). Now I know how much more it can give - it has awakened a new awareness and connection to myself and others that influences how I now approach my family, friends, life problems and my kids. For the better too. I am so grateful to Em for her time and support each week and now don’t know what I’d do without Reiki in my life! Thank you!!

In the first few sessions I experienced a deep relaxation but also emotional release. I felt heat where Em placed her hands, and a rush of blood in my veins at certain points which was interesting. I was always comfortable and curious. Then followed a few days of varying emotions which had emerged after the healing. To be honest this initially scared me as I couldn’t understand the emotions or where they were coming from but after a few chats with Em I decided to continue the treatments and now it has purged. And thank goodness - the moment I stopped trying to analyse everything and relaxed into it, I let whatever happen, happen, and the sessions became even more regenerative. Now my sessions are not just relaxing (sometimes I fall asleep?!) but they make me feel good. Em has a wonderful approach starting our sessions with a chat to contextualise anything that might come up (therapy in itself?!) and then we move onto a very restorative hour helping me navigate life with more awareness, joy and connection to the key people in my life. I will be forever grateful for the journey we have been on to this point and look forward to exploring where the Reiki takes us moving forward. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart Em!! You are a very gifted person.


I had been suffering with Chronic Stress for a while so I was interested in trying out some Reiki sessions to help ease my symptoms. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but Emily immediately put me at ease and talked through it with me thoroughly before the first session. After a few sessions I really started to notice a difference in my energy every day...I can wholeheartedly say that the Reiki has helped to ease my stress levels and has in turn made me so much happier and life is now so much more enjoyable/slightly less chaotic. Emily is absolutely lovely too! Highly recommended :) 


I had my first treatment with Emily roughly a year ago and it has become part of my life. She has a very warm, kind, understanding manner and the most amazing energy that surrounds her. The room that Emily has created is a calm, comfy and relaxing place to be, she also works to time but without the feeling of ever being rushed. Her ability to pick up on certain things i.e. feelings, physical ailments etc is outstanding and the treatments are always constant and are given with her full attention and compassion. I always look forward to my Reiki treatment as the impact it has in my life is incredible, I experience such a massive energy shift, I walk out feeling lighter and always have a different, brighter outlook on the world.  I am very lucky to have found such a gifted practitioner.


You gotta feel it to heal it!