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In 2017 I suffered from prenatal depression, something that can almost feel more shameful than postnatal depression because you're not even coping with a newborn yet. I struggled to want to get up every day and I couldn't see the joy in the small things. My son at the time was nearly two and still not sleeping particularly well. Even though I was exhausted I still felt so excited to have my second child, I had just completely lost myself and who I was.

I had always worked within roles of service and felt that I had a gift for understanding people but at my lowest point I didn't know what I could offer the world. When I had my daughter I struggled to recover from the c section and felt like I had let her down, but a light started to flicker and I knew I had a choice. I could carry on like this or I could try my very best to change it. I couldn't bare the thought of them thinking I didn't love them because I couldn't jump out of bed and play. It was in that moment that I decided I needed to be enough. That it probably wouldn't be the last time I would feel like this but it certainly wasn't going to be the start of another spiral led depression. Every day from then on I took it one day at a time, letting myself work through each day separately and not berating myself for having a difficult day. I was enough, and I was doing my best in that moment.

As life started to get easier with two and we got into a rhythm I started to feel more joy and knew that the kindness I had shown myself was the key to unlocking this potential. I told myself I was good enough every day for two months straight and finally the day came when I didn't have to, because it was ingrained in me, it was my belief. I knew that if I could do this, I could tell and teach anyone how to.

We as women can get lost so easily in the process of life and so much of our power is repressed from generations before us. My mission is to help as many women as possible realise who they are and what their soul purpose is so they can live their own unique life with meaning. To see themselves how I see them as soon as I meet them, to really own their gifts and to help them restore that faith and passion they have for life. It's all about empowerment because we were all born with the ability to achieve. We are all here to be enough, and THAT is powerful!


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