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Distant Healing

Personal & Home


Welcome! You have started your journey...

This 1:1 session includes more than a stand alone Reiki treatment. I will help you to identify the blocks and focus on an intention to guide the session, where I use two types of Reiki which compliment each other beautifully. We will then end with a brief review and tools that can support you until your next session. These sessions can either be done via distant healing or In Person.

What's included:

  • Intention setting 

  • Reiki session 

  • Reflect and Review

This is for anyone who is new or relatively new to Reiki or is ready to enhance their life, energy and feeling of peace.





Energetic home clearings are probably one of the most important to do as it's where we spend a lot of our time. Where we relax, have fun and sleep. Especially when buying a house it's a great idea to clear the energies from before and set an intention for how you would like to feel in your home. A home clearing cleanses your home of any negative or stale energy. This will restore the energy balance in your house for a renewed environment.

What's included:

  • x4 Home clearing sessions (over a year)

  • Reiki Chi Ball personally designed for you

  • Reflect and Review session




Individual clearings available, including individual rooms.


for your home