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Wholehearted Minds was created out of a love for connection.

I have been supporting people in their lives to create calm and long lasting connections with themselves and others for nearly 10 years.

Reiki is all about the simple flow of energy, however the results are anything but simple. This intuitive work transforms lives to hold a clearer perspective, making better decisions and enjoying more fulfilling moments for ourselves, and stronger connections with our loved ones.

Reiki, which stands for 'universal life force energy' is everywhere, it is what we are made up of. As a practitioner I facilitate the flow of energy to help clear blockages in your body. These blockages are created through the stresses of everyday life, and also through traumatic events.

If we are in constant stress and don't have that time to rest or have an outlet of some kind the hormones released in our body have nowhere to go. In trauma, our body also protects itself from the memory, emotion and physical reaction that can manifest. It's hard to see how that can change, but there is a way.

Studies in neuroscience have shown that not only moving through life mindfully and having a daily practice of meditation can enhance the brains potential by developing the grey matter in our pre-frontol cortex. It also releases good hormones in the body like oxytocin. During a Reiki treatment the body is able to get to that deep state of relaxation, releasing these hormones and changing the body's physiological make-up.

Therefore, a combination of Reiki and a nurturing environment can help you work through these patterns to develop new habits that support a more peaceful life.

Our body's have the ability to self-heal, boost our immune system and turn down the thoughts which we think control us.

Feel rejuvenated and find that all important balance.

Let's start today!


So how did I start?

I have had the incredible opportunity to work with several non-for-profit organisations over the last eight years. I went from working in Cancer centres supporting patients and family members to working with young people from 11-25 years of age. All the people I met had their own unique story and reason for coming to see me. All the diverse training that I received from addiction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Mindfulness (MBSR) to eating disorders has given me a real passion to support people on their journey to healing.

I would say that most of my life I have struggled with anxiety and confidence issues. When I started my counselling training, I also started going to see a counsellor myself to begin my own journey. This was an incredible and naturally unfolding process. After years of learning and becoming more aware of myself I wanted to dig deeper and find something that also offered some healing from a gentle perspective for myself, and others. This is when I found Reiki. This has given me the opportunity to offer myself this gift every day if I choose, and I do!

Reiki for me has been a huge catalyst for change. The type of change that comes when you value yourself enough that you see the importance of self-care. Through practicing mindfulness techniques and reading about meditation and the brain, there are some aspects of this that stand out to me. Self-Compassion, acknowledging our emotions and not judging ourselves for having them is so key that it is now part of a daily practice I try and be mindful of whenever I can.

This in turn has given me clarity, slowed everything right down so that I feel at peace with my daily decisions, challenges with two small children, and also being able to jump into joy more. I am human though, and regularly slip back into old habits, but the practice helps me to have compassion in that moment which offers me so much more than self criticism ever did. Really taking in each moment and savouring it for what it is. Self-care is probably one of the most important practices we can have, it keeps us aware, strong and ready to cope with whatever life throws at us. I know, I'm living proof!

All you need is the willingness. 

Energy is a part of all of us and so all we need to do is turn up.


Call me to have a chat. I can help with your queries and make sure I am here for you on your journey.

Get in touch, I would love to hear from you.




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Intuitive Energy Guide

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with understanding how our minds work, how the brain interacts and how we choose to connect with each other. I love listening to peoples stories, learning, and understanding what makes us human.


I first started my journey into healing and supporting others when I completed my Diploma in Counselling in 2011. I found building an environment where people felt safe to be themselves, accepted and not judged, was invaluable.


Now a 2 time Reiki Master Teacher, I am so grateful to have been trained by incredible and well respected teachers in the field of energy work. I am also lucky to have built a community of other professionals, from Reiki practitioners to Psychotherapists, EFT therapists, Mindfulness experts and many more who I have attended workshops for, shared practice and learned a huge amount from.

What I now know to be true is that we can change our brain, we have the ability to re-wire our connections and make a better, more peaceful life for ourselves.


How we connect to our true selves and others is important to me, as my goal is to reach as many people as possible to create a calm and compassionate life. 

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