Emily Hall

 Intuitive Energy Guide

Reconnect to your true self

Your path to healing starts here...

Do you feel blocked and you can't move forward?

Do you want to realign yourself and feel balanced again?


Did you know that what you are looking for is already inside of you?

Through energy work, counselling techniques and intuition I will guide you safely to ignite your dreams and transform what's holding you back.

This is no ordinary experience.

Here you get to the deep root of your healing, so you can understand the patterns and focus on the light and moving forward to new growth.

Connect to your highest good

This is an invitation to reconnect. To re-learn and re-discover yourself.

Do you sometimes feel the pressure to be someone else?


To fit into the mould, to be what is expected of you?


Here you can be who you truly are,

Here you are safe to be you.

This is Reiki 2.0! I use three elements to boost these sessions to create a unique approach. Intuition, Energy Work and Coaching. These combined, deliver a transformative experience for anyone wanting to make a change for the better.

Intuitive Energy Work

Transforming blocks & rewiring limiting beliefs with in person & distant healing sessions

Meditation workshops

Learn all the tools and techniques to support your well-being

Learn Reiki

Become an Energy Worker!

Level 1&2 training in a safe & beautiful space

wholehearted minds

Fleet, Hampshire

Mob:07387 076453

Email: wholeheartedminds@gmail.com


let's get connected!

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